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Saying No To Neo-Liberalism
by Dan Fireside


Voices from El Mozote
by Shelli McMillen

In El Salvador
by Charles Temple

Nicaragua: The Pot Boils Over
by Roger Burbach

Agricultural Modernization in Honduras: An Update
by Tom Holloway

U.S. National Guard Goes to Guatemala
by Ann Peters, Tom Joyce

Celebration and Denial in Mexico: A Personal Account of the Chiapas Uprising
by Ulises E. Mejias

All Aboard the Caravan to Cuba

In Review
by Jill Goetz, Alison Hillman, Maria Lorena Cook, Ann Peters

 1993-fall Fall 1993
1993a-spring Spring 1993
1992a-spring Spring 1992
Trade, Development, and Environment


J.K. Langford: Free Trade, Freedom and Freely Spreading Fascism

Development and Environment: A Perspective from Brazil
by Jorge Norgueira

Trade and the Environment: Oil Drilling in Ecuador
by Mike Spezio

Current Events/Commentary: Venezuela

Trade and the Environment: Stone Container & the Honduran Rainforest
by Mike Spezio

Current Events/Commentary: El Salvador

OAS Mediation & the Haitian Coup–Is This the Bridge to Democratic Rule?

Current Events/Commentary: Cuba

Current Events/Commentary: Peru

1991a-spring Spring 1991
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.06.09 PM July 1990
On the 25th Year of Opposition to 25 Years of Intervention
by Ann Peters


Psy-Ops, Citizens, and the Panama Invasion
by Thomas Holloway

Nicaragua: Will Revolutionary Democracy Succeed?
by Bob Greene

Bill Rogers: The Origins of CUSLAR
by Bill Rogers

Cindy Crowner: CUSLAR in the 1970’s From Chile to Nicaragua
by Cindy Crowner

The Friends of Chile

Mary Jo Dudley: CUSLAR in the 1980’s Focus on Central America
by Mary Jo Dudley

Joanna Gajardo: On Solidarity and the Women’s Movement
by Joanna Gajardo

Bill Gasparini: Reflections on my Involvement in CUSLAR, or How CUSLAR was perhaps the major influence on everything I have done since Cornell
by Bill Gasperini

On Six Jesuits, a Massacre, and the Women of El Salvador
by Joseph Fitzpatrick

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.58.43 PM March 1990
Immigration: Injustice on the Homefront
by Veronica Bleuzé


Nicaragua: The Aftermath of the Elections
by Kristina Wirtz

Guatemala: The Deteriorating Situation
by Janice Degni

El Salvador Update
by Kristina Wirtz

Panama Update
by Veronica Bleuzé

20160922_141738 20160922_141738 20160922_141738 20160922_141738 July 1989
 screenshot_20160929-150911 December 1989
Bringing the Third-World War Home
by Bruce Armstrong


Salvadoran Atrocities Spark Local and Nationwide Action; New Coalition Formed
by Wally Babcock

Speaking Out On El Salvador
by Reverend Barbara Heck

Looking At Ourselves
by Fred Wilcox

Media Manipulation: Shaping U.S. Perception of El Salvador
by Eric Patterson

The Kingpin’s New Clothes: President Bush’s National Security Complex
by Bruce Armstrong

The War in Colombia
by Veronica Bleuzé

Wars of Two Cities
by Joyce Hollyday, Geoffrey Matthews

The US Media: Most Things Ignored
by Paul McMillin

These Are the Children of Sandino: Faces the US Media Will Not Behold
by María Veronica Frenkel

Quilaí-Ithaca Area Sister City Project Established
by John Ewing

Nicaragua Update: The U.S. War Continues Despite Regional Peace Initiatives
by Janice Degni

Ask Not What Thy Government Doeth in Thy Name…

El Salvador
by Eric Patterson and Bruce Armstrong

Join CUSLAR’s Rapid Response Network
by Ann Peters

Bolivia Update: Follow the ‘vanguard’
by George Gray Molina

An Agriculture-Led Economic Strategy for Argentina: Is There a Place for It?
by Santiago Di Tella

 screenshot_20160929-151647 October 1989
 screenshot_20160926-183631 December 1988
by David Glaser


Campesino Organizations and Movements in Guatemala
by Katy Simmonds

Development Poles

Excerpts from the Book I… Rigoberta Menchu

My Brothers
by Ana I. Legrand

Protests in the Costa Rican Countryside
by Maria Veronica Frenkel

Updates: Peru
by Veronica Bleuze

Updates: Brazil; Labor Unrest in Brazil
by Eduardo Gomez

Updates: Haiti
by Bob Greene

Relations with Cuba: Latin America Forges Ahead, U.S. Remains Stagnant
by David Glaser

Phillip Agee on the CIA

A Step Towards Freedom in El Salvador: An Eyewitness Report
by Gregg Spencewolff

The Steps to Freedom/Blockade the Pentagon Action: Time to Evaluate our Strategies?
by Kathy Simmonds

 screenshot_20160926-183007 January 1988
Editorial: Haiti and Playing Democracy
by Kathy Simmonds
 screenshot_20160929-142841 March 1988
Organized Labor: Working for Change
Al Davidoff


AIFLD in Latin America: With Friends Like These…
by Bob Greene

‘Just Say Noriega’: Rationales for Washington’s War on Panama
by Bruce Armstrong

We Came to Fight! El Salvador: U.S. Labor Leader’s Eyewitness Report
by Dave Dyson

Breaking Away: Novo Syndicalismo, The PT, and Brazilian Political Culture
by Bob Bussel

 screenshot_20160929-154356 Summer 1988
Latin American Feminism and Change
by Mary Jo Dudley, Roxanna Carillo, Charlotte Bunch


Interview with Mirna Perla de Anaya

Two Poems by Giaconda Belli
by Giaconda Belli

Women Denounce State Terrorism

Women and Childcare in Nicaragua

End the U.S. Embargo Against the People of Nicaragua

Let the People Decide Uruguay Update
by Bruce Armstrong

 screenshot_20161027-154558 September/October 1987
 screenshot_20161027-154651 November/ December 1987
 screenshot_20161027-154955 January/ March 1987
“Land for the Peasants; Urban Settlements for the Workers” Squatter Settlements in Nicaragua


Repression in El Salvador–Sanctuary Testimonies

 screenshot_20161027-154807 Summer 1987
An Interview with Brazilian Political Economist, Paul Singer


News Briefs

Interview with Salvadoreans on the Situation in El Salvador Today

The Testimony of Carmen Gloria Quintana

El Salvador: National Dialogue Must Include All Sectors

News Briefs
by Selvia Nebbia

What’s Behind the Contra Scandal

Ben Linder: Killed by Contras

Recent Events

 screenshot_20161027-155145 February 1986
Chamorro’s World Court Testimony: Former Contra Leader Condemns U.S. Policy
by Edgar Chamorro


Book Review: In Search of Enemies by John Stockwell
by Neil Golder

Attack on Guazapa: A Personal Account by a U.S. Journalist in El Salvador
by Wendy Shaull

Guazapa Update

Argentina Update
by P.L.

Protest Contra Aid

Pledge of Resistance

 Screenshot_20161027-155929.jpg March 1986
The Roots of the Haitian Revolt
by JoAnn Jaffe


Protest Leaflet from Les Cayes

Costa Rica Update
by Kathy Simmonds

Refugee Testimonies

Uruguay–A Brief History
by Cynthia Brown

Uruguayan Trade Unionist’s Perspective
by Carlos Manfrini

Letter from Uruguay
by Vicky Furio

Contadora Update
by Mike Burckardt

Contra Aid Update

 screenshot_20161027-160102 October/ November 1986
Peru: Fading Hopes for Reform”
by Ann Peters


Stop the Lies

El Salvador Update

Inside Guatemala: Families of the Disappeared Organize
by Karen Beetle

Update on Chile: Excerpts from an Interview with Isabel Aldunate, Chilean Human Rights Lawyer

 screenshot_20161027-160157 October Extra Edition 1986
Critical Support for a Revolution Within–The Struggle for Indigenous Rights in Nicaragua
by Beverly A. Brown, Alison Field


Puerto Rico: The Second Invasion

The Guatemalan Elections

Bolivia Update

screenshot_20161027-160300 November December 1985
The Guatemalan Elections and the Prospect of Change
by Guatemala Study Group


El Pueblo Peruano no se Pondra de Rodillas Ante el Imperialismo
by Barbara D. Lynch

Update on Columbia

Pledge of Resistance
by Karyn Beetle, Carolyn Mow

Letter from Chile
by Cecilia Shickel

Report on El Salvador
by Bob Osterag

The CIA and the War Against Nicaragua

Action Alert: Support the people of Guatemala Now!

screenshot_20161027-160404 February 1985
Gay and Lesbian Liberation in Mexico


Grubo Lamdba

Movie Review: Improper Conduct
by B.B.

Report from Peru
by Sara Luisa Palmer

Latin American Elections

Churches, Immigrants, three themes in the recent press

by David Whitehouse

Jamaicans seek $5 Million for anti-red fair

Columbian Coal

On Sanctuary
by Jon Rogers

screenshot_20161027-160449 March/ April 1985
Nicaragua’s Economic Crisis
by Jose Lobo


Letters to the Editors

Stop the Militarization of Central America

Memorial Service for Victims of Contra War

screenshot_20161027-160546 May 1985
Latin America’s External Debt: Part Ⅰ
by Rachel Kreier


Ithacans join April Actions in DC


Nicaragua….Contras, and the POPE, EMBARGO, MISKITOS, RUSSIANS, the DRAFT, etc.

Report on the Contra from Esteli, Northern Nicaragua

General Strike in Bolivia”

by C.J. Ayala and M.J. Dudley

Coca Conference held at Cornell University

Protest the Trade Embargo

Screenshot_20161027-161212.jpg June/ July 1985
New Guernica in El Salvador
by C.J. Ayala and F. Tigre


Notes on Recent News

Latin America’s External Debt: Part Ⅱ
by Rachel Kreier

Guatemala: 1895 Year of Your Return
by Tom Joyce

screenshot_20161027-161314 December 1984
Militarization in Puerto Rico: old problem, new problem
by Cesar Ayala, Raul Cabrera, Jose Lobo


Ithacans Respond to Nicaraguan Crisis

Salvadoran Refugee Visits Ithaca

screenshot_20161027-161432 November 1984
Elections in Nicaragua: The Legal and Institutional Framework


Costa Rica: A Reformist System Under Strain
by Rachel Kreier

New York Times Coverage of the Nicaraguan and Salvadorean Elections

screenshot_20161027-161517 August/ September 1984
Bolivia: Crisis and Elections
by Alvaro Alegre, Mary Jo Dudley, Ruth Wilson


Sanctuary in Ithaca–an Update
by Hilary Sachs

Pledge of Resistance

Nicaragua and South Africa: The Logic of U.S. Foreign Policy
by Pierre LaRamee

Solidarity with the South African People
by Daniel Ortega Saavedra


screenshot_20161027-161557 March 1984
El Salvador: Background to the Crisis
by W. Babcock
Argentina: Out of the Maelstrom?
by Francine D’Amico
screenshot_20161027-161718 November 1983
Ⅰ. The Militarization of the Region
by Wally Babcock


Ⅱ. The ‘Covert’ War Against Nicaragua
by Pierre LaRamee

Central America Demands Respect

screenshot_20161027-161809 April 1983
Democratic Socialism in Jamaica: The Failure of Reform
by Jose Lobo


The Church in Nicaragua: for or Against the Revolution?

In Memorium: Dr. Melida Anaya Montes

CUSLAR Announces a Medical Campaign for El Salvador

  February 1982
Central America: What Next?


Do Elections Mean Democracy?

We Recommend Pixote

  March 1982
Crisis at the University of Puerto Rico


Women and Work in a Mexican Village
by Donna Goldstein

Puerto Rico: Paradise Invaded

  November 1982
Elections in Brazil: A Sign of Democracy?
by Bill Fisher, Matt Leslie, Stacy Pigg


On the Cuban Presence in Angola

Guatemala Update
by Bill Fisher, Matt Leslie, Stacy Pigg

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