CUSLAR Students

For half a century, students have played an integral role at CUSLAR in researching and highlighting key issues in U.S.-Latin American relations, developing relationships with local, national and international partners and furthering the organization’s mission of justice and increased mutual understanding in the hemisphere.

CUSLAR students have gone on to become professors, nonprofit and government leaders and professionals in a range of fields where they continue to live out the values and commitments they learned at CUSLAR.

See a list of current CUSLAR Student Interns here.

To learn more about the student internship, click here.


CUSLAR Student Group

The CUSLAR Student Group is a Cornell University-based group with ties to the larger community, which seeks to promote a greater understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean. The CUSLAR Student Group is an approved independent student organization registered with the Cornell Student Activities Office. Our faculty advisor is Mary Jo Dudley, professor of Development Sociology and director of the Cornell Farmworker Program.

Email for more information about meetings and events.

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