Student Interns

Evelyn Sanchez ’18

Evelyn Sanchez is a senior at Cornell University, majoring in Development Sociology, with minors in Social Inequality and Law and Society. Born in El Salvador, Evelyn immigrated to the United States along with her family when she was little and so immigration has been a topic which she is greatly interested in. She also works with families from Central America through Stella Justice Center, a non-profit organization based in Long Island that provides low-bono legal services related to immigration. This work, combined with her personal experience, have contributed to her interest in Latin America and her decision to join CUSLAR, where she hopes to learn more about the region and its relationship with the United States.

Denisse Gayosso-Lucano ’18

Denisse Gayosso-Lucano is currently a senior at Cornell University majoring in Plant Science with a concentration in human health and minoring in Global Health. She is the Founder and Co-president of NatureRx and is the program assistant for the Global Health Dominican Republic Program. She is an ambassador for Latino U College Access, which is a non-profit organization that supports and motivates students to enroll in college and graduate. She is also a member of the First Generation Student Union and the Student Herbal Medicine Coalition. Denisse joined CUSLAR due to her interest in US and Latin American relations since she was born in Mexico and immigrated to New York at the age of eight. Therefore, she seeks to learn how the US has impacted and continue to affect Mexico. Also, her studying abroad experience in Belize and the completion of the global health summer program in the Dominican Republic motivated her to learn and discover more of the social and health disparities in Latin American countries. Her goals are to share her knowledge obtained in CUSLAR and challenge others like her, whose English is not their first language, to come out of the shadows, and take action to support their Latin American roots specifically women in the science fields.

Julissa Martinez ’19

Julissa Martinez is currently a Junior at Ithaca College majoring in Sociology with double minors in Counseling and Latino Studies. Initially she started her college journey as a Business Administration major but through her involvement in social justice work has been able to find her passion in social justice and is now majoring in Sociology. She is a second year Resident Assistant and this passed summer had the opportunity to work as an Orientation Leader. She’s currently serving as the President of the Human Rights Watch Club at IC, a club dedicated to promoting social justice by bringing awareness of social justice issues that are happening both within our country and on a global scale. Julissa has studied abroad in Cuba and had the opportunity to do an independent research project on sexuality and gender during her time there. In the future she looks forward to working for a non-profit organization or in higher education practising social justice work.  Through CUSLAR she looks forward to educating herself and those around her about social justice issues that are interrelated between the United States and Latino America.

Paige Wagar ’18

Growing up swimming in the ocean and hiking in the mountains of Southern California, Paige developed a deep appreciation for the environment at a young age. As an Environmental & Sustainability Sciences and Development Sociology double-major, she has been able to deepen her understanding of the environment as it intersects with issues of inequality. Over the course of Paige’s time at Cornell she has collaborated with sugarcane farmers in Honduras, worked with indigenous communities in rural India, and researched perceptions of medicinal plants in the Dominican Republic. Upon graduation in the spring, Paige hopes to pursue a career in environmental policy with a focus on sustainable development and community agriculture. As an intern with CUSLAR, Paige hopes to continue to explore how issues of environmental justice disproportionately impact already-marginalized communities.


Ryan Kresge ’18

Ryan is a senior Environmental Studies major at Ithaca College. He is currently researching the structural nature of climate change denial and the possibility of using music as a tool for opening routes of communication amongst those who disagree. He is an editor at Alluvian – an undergraduate environmental journal associated with Ithaca College. During a semester in Nicaragua he was inspired by the counter hegemonic narratives of those who fought in the Contra Wars. At CUSLAR he hopes to continue learning about Latin American narratives as a possible framework for imagining a rhetoric that includes those the dominating US has excluded. Ryan hopes to pursue a career in Law.


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