Student Interns

ElbaElba Morales is a Senior at Ithaca College majoring in Politics with a concentration in International Relations and acquiring a minor in Psychology. At Ithaca College she is the President of Ithaca Books thru Bars, an organization that is dedicated to providing free books to those incarcerated in NY state. During the past five summers Elba has worked with underprivileged Latino youth back home in California. This work has heightened awareness of social justices movements that begin in Latin American countries and present themselves in the United States once families immigrate. Elba at first hand has also experienced the aftermath that social justice revolutions leave behind, thus causing immigration. Through Cuslar she hopes to keep on learning and creating awareness of these social issues that are well interconnected throughout the Americas.

Jordan Cowell is a Senior at Ithaca College with a major in Culture &Communication, a Sociology minor, and a self-designed concentration in Communicating Social Justice. She seeks to find meaningful ways to promote social justice by fusing artistic expression and political activism. Her interest in Spanishlanguage and U.S.-Latin American relations began through her role in the program SALTAR (Spanish Language Through the Arts and Recreation) and Teatro, a course on social justice through Latin American Theater. Her experience living in Córdoba, Argentina for five months prompted her to learn more about Latin America, as well as the role the United States has played in its economic, political, and social spheres. Through CUSLAR, Jordan will continue to learn and contribute to meaningful change by promoting education and awareness.


Mikaela Lewis is currently a senior at Elmira College majoring in both Foreign Languages (Spanish concentration) and Educational Studies. She is a third year Resident Assistant on campus and the President of Elmira College’s Spanish Club. She is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society. Mikaela has studied abroad in Segovia, Spain and just completed an internship in Santiago, Chile! She decided to join Cuslar because of her interest in Latin American culture, history and her passion for educating others about U.S. interventions in Latin America; most of which do not appear in any of our history textbooks. Through working with Cuslar, Mikaela hopes to continue learning about Latin American issues, past and present, and improve her abilities to share that knowledge with others. She is also am looking forward to working at Cuslar with an impressive group of passionate, dedicated, and intelligent individuals.


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