Recommended reading

Below are a few recent articles from varied sources that CUSLAR recommends on current events in the region.


What the Coup Against Evo Morales Means to Indigenous People Like Me

By Nick Estes

The Guardian


Bolivia: una deriva reaccionaria

By Liliana Colanzi 

El País



Lula and Democracy at the Crossroads

By Marcelo Zero

Brasil Wire



Why Chileans Are Protesting for a New Socioeconomic Order

By Peter Kornbluh

The Nation


What is Happening in Chile is a Revolution Not a Protest or a Riot

By Yvette Montoya


Chilean Protesters Are Waving the Mapuche Flag. What’s the Mapuche Flag, and Who’s Hoisting it?

By Patricia Rodriguez

The Washington Post



Colombia protests: What prompted them and where are they headed?

By Steven Grattan 

Al Jazeera


¿Qué provocó la ola de protestas en Colombia? (Video)

BBC Mundo



What’s Behind Ecuador’s October 2019 Uprising?

By Gabriel Fernandes



Berta Caceres Murder: Seven Convicted Men Sentenced up to 50 Years

By Nina Lakhani 

The Guardian



A Look at Mexico’s New National Guard: ‘There to Stop Migrants’

By James Frederick



Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

‘Unite the Poor’: Strategy of the Poor People’s Campaign

By Tim W. Shenk


‘We Need Many Douglasses and Tubmans’: Lessons from North Star Country

By Tim W. Shenk


The National Union of the Homeless is the Fastest Growing Union You Haven’t Heard of

By the Pennsylvania Poor People’s Campaign


Apache Man Moving Home to Protest Copper Mine in Arizona

By Felicia Fonseca

Associated Press