Lines that Unite: Winter/Spring 2019


See the full PDF of “Lines That Divide, Lines That Unite,” Winter/Spring 2019 CUSLAR Newsletter.


Where do we draw the line?
by Tim Shenk

A hard rain’s a-gonna fall: Climate change, migration and the militarization of the border
by Tomasz Falkowski

Who’s funding the militarization of Mexico’s Guatemalan border?
by Melanie Calderon

On the San Diego / Tijuana border:
Bearing witness to legislated suffering

by Rev. Benjamin Perry

Mayan groups oppose high-speed ‘Maya Train’
by Daniela Rivero

Post-truth in action: Brazil under Bolsonaro
by Gabriel Fernandes

Argentina: Macri’s return to IMF draws protest
by Mauricio Streb

Voices of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.
The following are excerpts from Poor People’s Hearings or gatherings of the Poor People’s Campaign in several states.

‘I had to leave everything to come here, with the hope of saving my daughter’s life’
excerpts from a speech by Guadalupe Magdaleno
Sunflower, Kansas

‘We nurses are on the front line’
excerpts from a speech by Mary Jane Shanklin, RN, Kansas

We do not live in a ‘mom-friendly’ country
excerpts from a speech by Elizabeth Strader


‘Poverty is violence against the poor’
excerpts from a speech by Bomani Williams
Mobile, Alabama

‘End American militarism abroad by ending it here in our communities’
excerpts from a speech by Chris Overfelt