Hola, Amigos! – for children 4-8 years old

Upcoming class: 8 weeks starting April 24

Spanish for Families Instructor Alba Sancho in a summer Spanish class with children. Songs, games, and play are major components of these fast-moving, age-appropriate classes!

CUSLAR’s “Hola, Amigos!” course instructor Alba Sancho in a summer Spanish class with children. Songs, games, and play are major components of these fast-moving, age-appropriate classes!

Spanish for 4- to 8-year-olds in winter, spring and fall

SPRING 2017: April 24 – June 19. Eight weeks, no class Memorial Day.

CUSLAR’s “Hola, Amigos!” classes provide a relaxed environment where children and adults can learn Spanish together through art, music, games, mini-immersion and more.

In this Spring session, we’re offering one combined session for children 4-8 years old, with a focus on the younger children. We’ll return to multiple sessions in the fall.

The classes are geared toward the BEGINNING LEVEL, no prior knowledge necessary. Winter, spring and fall courses will be different, so families can participate in three sessions over the calendar year with minimal repeat material! 

Though the classes are primarily designed to facilitate children’s learning, there is an “adults’ practice time” where adults can review, converse and present short assignments in Spanish as they have interest.

If you’d like to participate but don’t quite fit the age category, or if the timing of classes is difficult for you, please let us know at cuslarlanguages@gmail.com. We love being creative with schedules, and with enough interest we could set up another class at a different time.

Classes for families with toddlers, 18 months to 3 years

The “Hola, Amigos!” toddlers class is now being run completely through Jillian’s Drawers. It is still taught by our own Alba Sancho! REGISTER for the class through Jillian’s Drawers by clicking this link, scrolling down to “Spanish” and selecting “Hola Amigos!”

Classes for families with children 4 to 8 years old


8 Monday classes, 4:00 – 4:50 pm
Dates: April 24 – June 19, 2017. (No class Memorial Day)
If eight weeks is too much of a commitment, sign up for 4 classes for $95!
Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University
Early Registration:
$160 base fee for two people, plus $25 per additional family member.
Early registration deadline: 
April 17, 2017.
Regular registration:
Base fee $180, plus $25 per additional family member.
Deadline: First day of class, if slots are available.
Class size: Limit of 8 families.
Register here
Make a payment via PayPal or credit card here

General information for Spanish for Families classes:

Basic class materials, such as class binders and photocopied weekly homework assignments, are provided.

Instructor Alba Sancho provides a personal library of bilingual and Spanish books, games and CDs for class  participants to check out and return each week for Spanish practice at home. In addition, families may check out  books and study materials from the Durland Alternatives Library, also located at Anabel Taylor Hall.

Metered parking is available across from Anabel Taylor Hall at Willard Straight Hall or in the surrounding area.

There is a limit of 8 families per class, so sign up early to reserve your spot!

The classes are designed for families to take the class together. If your children span two different age groups, you may attend two classes the first week to see which class will be a better fit for your family.

Level: Beginning — no prior knowledge necessary. Starting in 2015, the winter, spring and fall courses will be different, so families can participate in three sessions over the calendar year with minimal repeat material.

Instructor: Alba Sancho.
Alba is a trained and experienced Spanish teacher of children and adults. She holds a degree in Psychology and Pedagogy and is a certified teacher in her native Spain. She is dynamic, enthusiastic and caters to a range of  learning styles.

Parents from past sessions have this to say about the classes:

“My daughter and I took part in Alba Sancho’s wonderful “Hola Amigos” class in Spring 2016, with several other families.  Alba was a delightful instructor – encouraging, fun, energetic and interesting, leading us through a rich blend of language activities carefully tailored for a mixture of elementary-school kids and their parents.  This was a great jump-start to a forthcoming year in Spain.  Many thanks!”

“Alba is ‘excelente’! She makes learning Spanish fun and easy. The kids love her. Her games, songs and crafts are perfect for the kids to learn.”

“My favorite aspect is the books, CDs and games we get to borrow throughout the week. There is a great selection! My children love the games where they get to run around.”

“My kids really learned the Spanish vocabulary and they loved the class. They even try to speak Spanish at home!”

“We loved the songs, games, the mid-week resource emails, the take-home resources and the adult-level worksheets. No complaints — my daughter loves the class very much.”


Fill out your online registration here.
Please make sure to hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

You will receive a separate confirmation email from us after you’ve registered. As it is not a computer-generated response, it may take us a couple of days to confirm!

To make a payment:

NOTE: The registration fee varies based on the number of family members participating in the class. If you have questions, email us at cuslarlanguages@gmail.com.

You can mail a check or drop it off at our office,
CUSLAR/CTA, 316 Anabel Taylor Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853.

Pay with PayPal or your credit card here:

When you click here, you will be taken to the secure CUSLAR page on the PayPal website, where you can complete your payment for “Hola Amigos!” Spanish for Families online


General questions may be directed to Tim Shenk, CUSLAR Coordinator,
at cuslarlanguages@gmail.com or 607-255-7293.

Specific questions about class content may be directed to course instructor Alba Sancho at albasanchopinto@gmail.com.

One response to “Hola, Amigos! – for children 4-8 years old

  1. Please keep offering these classes! My little one is only 8 weeks old, but I am absolutely going to sign up for whichever session happens when she reaches 18 months! Can’t wait. 🙂

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