CUSLAR Newsletter Summer/Fall 2018


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Introduction: Rights for all only possible with fundamental change.
by Tim Shenk

Taking care of the vulnerable while in a vulnerable position.
by Tanya Grant

‘No liberation without addressing militarism.’
by Brittany Ramos DeBarros

‘I am only well if you are well.’
by Aly Wane

Confronting the four evils.
by Manolo de los Santos

‘Immigrant families will be a key in next social movement’
by Fernando Garcia

Invisible no more: Lemus-Sanchez from Mexico to Ithaca, NY
by Gloria Lemus-Sanchez

‘We need to correct the immoral narrative that condemns the poor’
by Suzanne Flierl Krull

Jews and rednecks fight for liberation together
by Aaron Scott

Lopez Obrador’s landslide victory in Mexico: Insurrection at the polls
by Ivan Martinez Zazueta

Las elecciones de 2018 en Mexico: Recomposicion de fuerzas y escenarios de lucha
por Ivan Martinez Zazueta

The Haitian Revolution and reflections on political strategy
by Tim Shenk