When the Law Is Injustice: Summer/Fall 2019

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Summer/Fall 2019 CUSLAR Newsletter.

When the law is injustice

by Tim W. Shenk

Asylum crisis on the southern border

by Kevin Maldonado

Migrant Caravans: A view from ground level

by Margarita Nunez Chaim

Let suffering speak: Reflections on systemic crisis

From a talk by Steve Pavey

Why Christians should be compelled to welcome immigrants

From a talk by Amaury Tanon-Santos

Where is one to go? The effects of zero-tolerance policy on displacement

by Rebekah Jones

Sanctions as modern-day warfare

by Mauricio Streb

U.S. sanctions cost Venezuela billions

by Richard Gaunt

Puerto Rico’s post-Maria recovery marked by inequality

by Melanie Calderon