Find all of the latest issues of the CUSLAR Newsletter online here, or in print at newsstands and on university campuses in and around Ithaca, New York.

In this issue:

Cultivating partnerships for healthy communities
An introduction to the issue by Tim Shenk

Section I, on the CUSLAR-Cornell service-learning program in the Dominican Republic

‘We believe in miracles here’: Holistic healing in DR
by Jennifer Zahn

‘Learning happens everywhere’
Global Health students reflect on a summer of life and work in Santo Domingo

Ven! My ‘service’ placement
by Olivia Eilers

Service means supporting local leaders
by Tim Shenk

Rebecca Stoltzfus: Dominican partnership holds great potential
Interview by Luna Olavarria-Gallegos

Section II, from CUSLAR’s Paulo Freire Study Group

Peacemaker connects faith and justice
A report on the visit of Sarah Thompson of Christian Peacemaker Teams
by Blake Michael

Colombian conscientious objector gains international recognition
A report on the visit of Mario Cardozo of Collective Action for Conscientious Objectors
by Kailin Koch

Nicaragua’s proposed inter-oceanic canal: A threat to the environment and indigenous rights
by Hazel Guardado

Mining projects threaten Ecuador’s Intag valley
by Ariel Smilowitz

Water is a human right: From Bolivia’s water wars to present-day Detroit
by Maya Tellman

The disappeared narratives of the 43 Mexican students of Ayotzinapa
by Luna Olavarria-Gallegos

U.S. Congress joins social movements in call for justice in Paraguay
CUSLAR press release

Section III, from CUSLAR’s Migrations Study Group

Latin-Americanization: Immigrant population rises and falls according to Spain’s economy
by Albaro X. Tutasig

Are we living in a Border Patrol Nation?
A report on the visit of author Todd Miller
by Kimberly Cardenas

Combating statelessness in the Dominican Republic
A report on the visit of psychologist Joanny Peralta Capellan
by Noemi Plaza Sanchez

Section IV, Interviews celebrating CUSLAR’s 50th Anniversary

Lillian Hall: CUSLAR to Nicaragua to Colombia
Interview by Luna Olavarria-Gallegos

Alicia Swords: Connecting grassroots leaders
Interview by Luna Olavarria-Gallegos

CUSLAR around the globe
Some members who have moved on from Ithaca, NY who are putting their CUSLAR training to use in related fields around the world
Compiled by Kimberly Blacutt


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